Gunstock Blanks

Note that all of our wood is top grade, as far as quality is concerned.  The difference between the various grades is based upon the amount and type of figure, or fancy grain in the wood.  For example, our Exhibition grade is extremely  full figured and truly a one-of-a-kind piece of wood, while our #5 grade is very plain in figure, but nonetheless excellent quality for carving into a gunstock.  We cut rifle blanks, 16-inch and 20-inch butt stocks, forearms in 3 sizes, along with a limited number of black powder blanks, mannlicher blanks, and pistol grips.

We also sell Matched Sets, which are butt stocks and forearms that were sawn out of the same plank along side of each other, resulting in matching color and grain.  These sets are only cut out of the higher-grade planks, and are kept together throughout the drying process.   To view some samples of matched sets in both Claro and French Walnut, click on Matched Sets 

For information regarding availability and pricing of Turkish Walnut, Bastogne, or Maple, please contact us directly. 

The following links are photos of Claro Black Walnut rifle blanks in all nine grades that we cut.  The same grades are also available in shotgun blanks and forearms.  These samples hopefully will give you a good idea of what the various grades look like in Claro Black Walnut.

Click on the grade titles below to view photos of the corresponding samples.

Exhibition Grade Claro Walnut                       

Exhibition is our highest grade.  It contains crotch feather on both sides of the butt with full fiddleback throughout, or it can be exceptional stump figure with heavy fiddleback throughout.  One of a kind and individually priced.



Select #2 Claro Walnut


Select #2 is our next highest grade.  It is mostly crotch feather and flame with medium fiddleback throughout, or exceptional stump figure with fiddleback.

Select #3 Claro Walnut                       

Select #3 is a truly fine piece of wood.  It has  exceptional stump figure and contrast or exceptional fiddleback.   It can also be crotch feather on one side with curl or flame on the other, with light fiddleback throughout.


Supreme Full Fancy Claro Walnut                       

Supreme Full Fancy (S Grade) is the very best in stump figure and contrast stripe, or very heavy fiddleback.  It can also have crotch feather on one side of the butt and crotch curl or flame on the other side.

#1 Claro Walnut                       

#1 grade is fancy with heavy fiddleback throughout or excellent stump figure and contrast.  It can also have crotch curl and figure in the butt portion.

 #2 Claro Walnut                       

#2 grades semi-fancy with lighter figure in the butt portion or medium fiddleback.  It can also be stump figure with good contrast stripe


#3 Claro Walnut                        

#3 grade is medium fancy.  It has a small amount of figure in the butt portion or light fiddleback.  It can also be a very good plain piece of wood with good grain flow.

#4 Claro Walnut                       

#4 is plain wood.  It has good straight grain, and contains less than 10% sap wood.

#5 Claro Walnut                       

#5 is the lowest grade.  It is plain, has good grain, with some sap wood.